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Athlete Analysis and Sports Specific Analysis Form Development

Athlete Analysis and Sports Specific Analysis Form Development
Athlete Analysis and Sports Specific Analysis Form Development Istanbul

Athlete analysis is an evaluation that should be done as a rule at the beginning of each season.
The purpose of the analysis is to prevent injuries and improve performance. As a result of the analysis,
problems that exist in the structures of the musculoskeletal system emerge. We use internationally valid
forms for analysis. At the beginning of the season, the athlete is evaluated with an examination covering all muscles and join
ts. In addition, tests are evaluated in terms of balance, coordination and strength. As a result of this detailed evaluation, joint and muscle problems that are at risk of injury or problems
that may lead to decreased performance are revealed. In order to eliminate the problems as a result of the
evaluation, the strength and conditioning exercises that the athlete should do are determined by us or,
if any, by the athlete's conditioner. There are no analysis forms with international common use for all sports branches. Common problems in various
sports branches and athlete's musculoskeletal system deficiencies are different. Therefore, there is a need
to develop sport-specific analysis tests. For analysis, the characteristics of that sport, injuries, examination findings and common problems in
examinations should be taken into consideration. While developing the form, it is necessary to choose
scientifically valid tests for the problems reported as a result of research and observations of each sport
branch. It usually takes several weeks of research to develop a form. What is Considered in Athlete Analysis? Analysis is actually a very detailed examination and some performance tests are added to it. The goal is to
identify areas where injury or poor performance is likely. These are usually problems such as lack of
flexibility in the muscle, lack of strength in the muscle, lack of flexibility and movement in the joint,
lack of balance, lack of control, and lack of coordination. The features looked at are places that have
scientifically proven their relationship with injury and performance.
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