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How to preserve the quality of health service?

English-speaking countries with the highest number of universities at the top of the university rankings, 
especially the USA and the UK. On the basis of this, it may be that the British in the 15th century realized
that science was important for the future and gave importance to scientists. In addition, the British
Empire must have realized at the time that it could use multiculturalism to its advantage. American and
British universities are open to qualified educators, researchers and students from all over the world.
The university and its economic systems are built on this international inclusiveness. The corollary to this
is that the language of science today is English, and medical publications are almost exclusively from
English-speaking countries. Maintaining this high quality requires great effort and consistency. Physicians and allied health professionals who have graduated from a university that provides education
and training at a high level are naturally trained in a way that they will perform their profession in
the future for the best interest of the society. The result of this is that graduate physicians and allied
health professionals have minimal knowledge. For a certain period of time after graduation, the person gets
the right to work independently after learning the practice of the job under supervision and after being
convinced that he has sufficient professional art skills. In Turkey, this stage is an unsupervised period
of compulsory service. After this stage, how will we guarantee the service quality of any professional who has entered his
professional life? This has been implemented in Anglo-American countries and has 2 proven tools that go
together:1- To ensure that the health professional keeps his knowledge up to date and to supervise it. The method
of this a) the person receives new certificates or diplomas at regular intervals, b) regularly attend congresses and conferences that offer high-level and up-to-date information, c) When the health professional is found to have made a medical error, he is subject to compulsory
training or punished.
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