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What Exactly is Evidence Based Medicine?

Evidence-based medicine means the adaptation and application of scientific data to the patient. In 
other words, the physician has obtained the information that has been proven to be correct and must
be used / applied. This information is divided into 2 classes:
- It is information that has been proven by many researches and is used as a reference book during
medical school education and subsequent specialization training. The physician has read these sources
and should continue reading them in order to keep their knowledge fresh. - It should continue to acquire new knowledge through new research published.

Here, the physician has
duties: 1) To follow the researches entitled to be published in high quality (high Impact Factor) journals,
2) To have the knowledge to distinguish the reliability of the information presented by each publication,
3) To reflect these to the physician party.
With this information, the physician will not be practicing evidence-based medicine. Because there
are two other divisions of evidence-based medicine. 2) The physician must have the experience and
skills to apply this information to patients effectively and safely. This means learning to absorb
information and apply it effectively to patients. 3) The physician should apply this information in
a way that takes into account the patient's expectations, profession, lifestyle and culture.
Importance of Evidence-Based Medicine on Research and Practice - Cognibrain®As can be seen, Evidence-Based Medicine does not mean that the physician only has knowledge and is
equipped with knowledge. The application of the second and third items above is called the Art of Medicine.
The best physicians perform successfully with the combination of knowledge, experience, intelligence and

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